Dr. Demetris Kafouris

Dr. Demetris Kafouris, State General Laboratory. B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Cyprus, CYPRUS, 2003. Ph.D. in Polymer Science, University of Cyprus, CYPRUS, 2008. Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Cyprus, CYPRUS, 2011-2012. Working experience in the field of food safety and especially agricultural contaminants (Mycotoxins, Nitrates) and processing contaminants (PAHs, Acrylamide, Furan), State General Laboratory, CYPRUS. Research Interests: Polymer Synthesis, Controlled Polymerisations, Amphiphilic Conetworks, Analytical Method Development and Validation, Food Safety, Methods for Multi-residue Analysis, Food Contaminants, Mycotoxins, Acrylamide, PAHs, LC-MS/MS, Dietary Exposure Assessment. Working Experience: State General Laboratory (17/02/2010-present),Chemist/Analyst at the laboratory of environmental and other food contaminants and physical toxins. Post-Doctoral Fellow (March 2011-May 2012): Collaboration between the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Laboratory of Physiology and Biomedical Imaging) and the Department of Chemistry (Polymer Science Laboratory) of the University of Cyprus, for implementation of the research project of the Research Promotion Foundation “Mechanical Tissue Characterization and Stress and Strain Imaging of the Murine Heart”. State General Laboratory (01/08/2008-17/02/2010), Consultant for a project dealing with Food Safety and Control of the Indoor Air. Postgraduate Laboratory Demonstrator (September 2003-April 2009), The job considered supervising and assisting undergraduate students in laboratory classes based on chemistry together with assessing their scripts.