Editorial Team

Chief Editors

Dr. Shi-Hai Dong

Computing Research Center,

National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico

Email: sdong@ipn.mx, dongsh2@yahoo.com

Profile link:  https://www.cic.ipn.mx/index.php/shi-hai-dong

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Prof. Francisco Marquez-Linares

Nanomaterials Research Group,

School of Natural Sciences and Technology,

Universidad Ana G. Méndez-Gurabo Campus, USA

Email: fmarquez@uagm.edu

Profile link: https://goo.gl/WBz1QW

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Prof. Jinyong Peng

Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, China

Email: jinyongpeng2008@126.com, jinyongpeng2005@163.com

Profile Link: NA

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Academic Editors

Dr. Sławomir Borek

Associate Professor,

Department of Plant Physiology,

Faculty of Biology,

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Email: borek@amu.edu.pl , slawomir.borek@amu.edu.pl

Profile Link:  https://www.webofscience.com/wos/author/record/798101


Prof. Oswin Grollmuss

Department of Pediatric and Adult Resuscitation,

Congenital Heart of Centre Chirurgical Marie Lannelongue,

University Paris XI, France

Email: osgro@aol.com

Profile link: NA

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Prof. José Eduardo Serrão

Department of General Biology,

Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil

Email: jeserrao@ufv.br

Profile link: NA

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Dr. Ali Said Mohamed Al-Issa

College of Law,

Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman

Email: dralialissa2465@gmail.com, dralialissa@yahoo.com

Profile link: https://www.squ.edu.om/coe/About-Us/Departments/Curriculum/staff

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Prof. Kondapalli Siva Prasad

Department Of Mechanical Engineering,

Anil Neerukonda Institute Of Technology And Sciences, India

Email: kspanits@gmail.com, ksp.me@anits.edu.in 

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8766-7382

Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=57191059921


Dr. Omveer Singh

Department of Electrical Engineering,

School of Engineering, Gautam Buddha University, India

Email: omveers@gmail.com

Profile link: NA

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Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao

Department of Chemistry,

V. R. Siddhartha Engineering College, India

Email: chemysri@yahoo.com

Profile link: NA

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Prof. Magdalena Valsikova

Horticulture and Landscape Engineering,

Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia

Email: Magdalena.Valsikova@uniag.sk, magdavalsik@hotmail.com

Profile link: NA

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Dr. Reza Farzinebrahimi

Chief Scientist,

R&D section, Bioplantex HB., Sweden

Email: Rfebrahimi@bioplantex.se, rezafarzinebrahimi@gmail.com   

Profile Link: NA

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Prof. Salem Aboglila

Department of Geochemistry & Environmental Chemistry,

Faculty of Science, Azzaytuna University, Libya

Email: salem.aboglila@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Farzana Khan Perveen

Founder Chairperson & Associate Professor,

Department of Zoology, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU),

Main Campus, Pakistan

Email: farzana_san@hotmail.com

Profile Link: http://www.sbbu.edu.pk/administrative/index.php

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Prof. Md. Rezaul Karim

Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture,

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Bangladesh                 

Email: rezaulaex@hstu.ac.bd, rezaulhstu83@gmail.com    

Profile Link: https://hstu.ac.bd/index.php/teacher/rezaul


Dr. Paola Deligios

Department of Agriculture,

University of Sassari, Italy

Email: pdeli@uniss.it

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Demetris Kafouris

Laboratory of Environmental and other Food Contaminants and Physical Toxins,

Nicosia, Cyprus

Email: dkafouris@sgl.moh.gov.cy

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Jaime Salvador Moysen

The Institute of Scientific Research,

Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango, Mexico

Email: jsmoysen@gmail.com, jsmoysen@ujed.mx   

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Patrick Adu

Department of Medical Laboratory Science,

College of Health and Allied Health Sciences,

University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Email: patrick.adu@ucc.edu.gh

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Prakash M Munnoli

Department of Civil Engineering,

S D M College of Enginering and Technology, India

Email: prakashsunanda@rediffmail.com 

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Carlos Humberto Martins

State University of Maringá, Brazil

Email: chmartins@uem.br, chmartins2007@gmail.com

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7342-5665 

WOS: https://www.webofscience.com/wos/author/record/AAH-2731-2020

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Dr. Siba Prasad Mishra

Department of Civil Engineering,

Centurion University of Technology and Management, India

Email: 2sibamishra@gmail.com, Sibaprasad.mishra@cutm.ac.in

Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Ritu Singh

Associate Professor,

Department of Human Development & Family Studies, 

College of Home Science,

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, India

Email: ritu.singh07@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA

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Prof. Figen Balo

 Department of METE, Faculty of Engineering,

Firat University, Turkey

E-mail: figenbalo@gmail.com, fbalo@firat.edu.tr

Profile Link: https://staff.firat.edu.tr/person.jsp?param=fbalo


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Dr. Ibrahim Elbasyoni

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture,

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

E-mail: ibrahiminunl@gmail.com, ibrahim.salah@agr.dmu.edu.eg,


Profile Link: NA

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Dr. Prashant Kumar

Assistant Professor,

Department of Electrical Engineering,

Zeal College of Engineering and Research,

Savitribai Phule Pune University, India

E-mail:  d19el005@svnit.ac.in

Profile Link: https://goo.gl/QrdWvC

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Prof. Zakaria Boumerzoug

Department of Mechanical Engineering, 

University of Biskra, Algeria

Email: zboumerzoug@yahoo.fr, z.boumerzoug@univ-biskra.dz

Profile Link: NA


Dr. K. Elumalai

Assistant Professor,

Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology,

Govt. Arts College, University Of Madras, India

E-mail: professorelumalai@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Charis Papacharalambous

Associate Professor,

Department of Criminal Law, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

E-mail: papacharalambous.charalambos@ucy.ac.cy, papacha@ucy.ac.cy

Profile Link:  https://goo.gl/ZXTEC6  


Dr. Anna Wildowicz-Giegiel

Assistant Professor,

Department of Finance,

Faculty of Economics and Finance,

University of Bialystok, Poland

Email: a.wildowicz@uwb.edu.pl, awildowicz@interia.pl

Profile Link: https://goo.gl/BMvfBf


Dr. Okango Elphas Luchemo

University of KwaZulu-Natal,South Africa

Email: kangphas@gmail.com, eokango@strathmore.edu

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Maria A. Ivanchuk

Associate Professor,

Department of Biological Physics and Medical Informatics, 

Bucovinian State Medical University, Ukraine

Email: mgracia@ukr.net, ivanchuk.m@bsmu.edu.ua

Profile Link: https://www.bsmu.edu.ua/biologichnoyi-fiziki-ta-medichnoyi-informatiki/


Dr. Gamal Abdel-Hafez Mahmoud Bekhet

Assistant Professor,

Department of Biological Sciences,

King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Email: g.bekhet@yahoo.com, gbekhet@kfu.edu.sa

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Elly Josephat Ligate


Department of Biosciences,

Sokoine University of Agriculture, 

Solomo Mahlangu College of Science and Education, Tanzania

Email: jligate@sua.ac.tz, ligateelly@yahoo.com

Profile Link: https://goo.gl/h4dB3w


Dr. Alyona Maksymets

Associate Professor,

Department of International Business Management,

Ukrainian National Forestry University, Ukraine

Email: alyona.maksymets@gmail.com 

Profile Link: https://sites.google.com/site/olenamaksymets/home/contact-info


Prof. N. Gokarneshan

Department of Textile Technology

Bannariamman Institute of Technology, India

E-mail: advaitcbe@rediffmail.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Subhankar Maity

Assistant Professor,

Department of Textile Technology,

Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute, Kanpur, India

E-mail: maity.textile@gmail.com

Profile Link: http://www.uptti.ac.in/profile_subhankar_maity.php

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Prof. Nebi Bilir

Department of Forest Genetics,

Faculty of Forestry,

Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Isparta, Turkey

E-mail: nebibilir@sdu.edu.tr

Profile Link: NA  


Prof. Pradip K Bhowmik

Department of Chemistry,

University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA

Email: pradip.bhowmik@unlv.edu

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Soumendra Karmahapatra

Department of Pharmacology,

Ohio State university, Columbus OH, USA

Email: karmahapatraskkmone@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Prof. Antonio Mastino

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences,

University of Messina, Italy


Institute of Translational Pharmacology,

National Research Council, Italy

Email: antonio.mastino@unime.it

Profile link: https://goo.gl/ELdUaU


Dr. Michel Mainguenaud

LITIS Laboratory, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rouen,

University Avenue, France

Email: michel.mainguenaud@insa-rouen.fr

Profile link: NA


Dr. Carmen Lizette del Toro Sanchez

Department of Food Research and Postgraduate, 

University of Sonora, Mexico

Email: carmen.deltoro@unison.mx, lizetted@gmail.com

Profile link: NA


Dr. Xiaoqiang Zhang

Associate Professor,

Departmen of School of Information and Control Engineering,

China University of Mining and Technology, China

Email: zhangxiaoqiang@cumt.edu.cn, grayqiang@qq.com

Profile link: http://faculty.cumt.edu.cn/xqzhang


Dr. Ibiwani Alisa Hussain

Associate Professor,

School of Business,

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia

Email: ibiwani@staffemail.apu.edu.my, ibiwani@yahoo.com, ibiwani1972@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA


Prof. Nazrul Islam

Pro-Vice Chancellor,

Northern University Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Email: nazrulku@gmail.com, Provc@nub.ac.bd

Profile Link: https://nub.ac.bd/pims/executives/ts890cet/prof.-dr.-nazrul-islam


Dr. E. M. Elsayed

Department of Mathematics,

Faculty of Science,

King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia


Mansoura University, Egypt

Email: emelsayed@mans.edu.eg, emmelsayed@yahoo.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Farooq Ahmed Shah

Department of Mathematics,

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan

Email: farooqhamdani@gmail.com

Profile Link: NA


Prof. D. S. Hooda

Department of Mathematics,

(Former PVC,Kurukshetra University), GJUST, India


Adviser(R) to ABV Hindi University, Bhopal, India

Email: ds_hooda@rediffmail.com  

Profile Link: NA


Prof. Amara Chandoul

Department of Mathematics,

Higher Institute of Informatics and Multimedia of Sfax, Tunisia


University of Brasilia, Campus Darcy Ribeiro, Brazil

Email: amarachandoul@yahoo.fr

Profile Link:  NA


Prof. Md. Alal hosen

Department of Mathematics,

Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh   

Email: alal@math.ruet.ac.bd, alal_ruet@yahoo.com

Profile Link:    https://www.ruet.ac.bd/alalhosen    


Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Associate Professor,

Department of Pharmacology,

Ziauddin University, Pakistan

Email: pharmacologist1@yahoo.com, m.aslam@zu.edu.pk

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Gehan Dhameeth

Associate Professor

Department Chair of Business and Data Analytics,  

Wells College, New York, USA

Email: gdhameeth@wells.edu, dhameeth@gmail.com  

Profile Link: https://www.wells.edu/faculty-staff/gehan-s-dhameeth/


Dr. Marco De Gori

Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery,

Regional Center for Joint Arthroplasy,

"Sts. Anthony and Blaise and Cesare Arrigo" Hospital, Italy

Email: madegori@hotmail.it

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Sohad Mohamed Dorgham

Assistant Professor,

Department of Microbiology and Immunology,

National Research Centre, Egypt

Email: Sohad_dorgham@yahoo.com

Profile Link: NA


Dr. José Alberto Duarte Moller

Department of Physisc, Mathematics and Engineering,

University of Sonora, Mexico

Email: jduarte@delasalle.edu.mx, josealberto.duarte@unison.mx

Profile Link: NA


Dr. Takashi Ikeno

National Cancer Center Hospital East,

Clinical Research Support Office, Japan

Email:  ikeike55.ikeno@gmail.com, tikeno@east.ncc.go.jp

Profile Link: NA


Prof. Abdullah Aydin

Department of Science Education,

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, Turkey

Email: aaydin@ahievran.edu.tr;  aydinch@gmail.com  

Profile Link: https://akademik.ahievran.edu.tr/site/abdullahaydin

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8741-3451

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Dr. Ravi Kant Chaturvedi

Center for Integrative Conservation &

Yunnan Key Laboratory for Conservation of Tropical Rainforests & Asian Elephant,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China

Email: ravikantchaturvedi10@gmail.com, ravi@xtbg.ac.cn

Profile Link: http://www.communityecologyconservation.com/dr-ravi-kant-chaturvedi/


Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Raheem

Department of Pests & Plant Protection,

National Research Centre, Egypt

Email: abdelraheem_nrc@hotmail.com,  abdelraheem_nrc@yahoo.com , ma.abdel-raheem@nrc.sci.eg  

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9240-064X  

WOS: https://www.webofscience.com/wos/author/record/706310  

Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=55220661700


Dr. Mohiuddin Kabir

Associate Professor,

Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology,

East West University, Bangladesh

Email:  mmkabir@ewubd.edu  

Profile Link: NA


Past Editors 


Note: We are thankful to all editors for their sincere help and support to develop this journal. All editors confirmed their joining in the board by email. Names of the remaining editors (if any) will be published soon.