Performance of Sugar Beet Genotypes and Date of Sowing on Yield and Quality Parameters

Kumar D. Lamani, S. I. Halikatti

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Association between Microalbuminuria and Hypertension in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Most. Zannatul Ferdous, M. A. Wahed, Zebunnesa Zeba

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Growth and Yield of Bt Cotton Influence by Land Configuration and Nutrient Levels Under Rainfed Situation

V. Ambika, G. S. Yadahalli, B. M. Chittapur, Shamrao Kulkarni, Vidhyavathi G. Yadahalli, Siddu Malakannavar

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Employers’ Perceptions about the Employability of Technical, Vocational Education and Training Graduates in Uganda

Denis Kintu, Kisilu. M. Kitainge, Ahmed Ferej

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Carbon Rich Mangrove Forests: An Overview for Strategic Management and Climate Change Mitigation

Swati Shedage, P. K. Shrivastava, L. K. Behara

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