Administrators Rating of School Counsellor’s Competencies in Information, Counselling and Follow-up Service Delivery

L. I. Akunne, V. N. Nwadinobi

Page: 11-17
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Characterization of Polyclinic Psychiatry Patients in the Municipality of Gurupi-TO

Thaís de Souza Rosa, Raissa Carvalho Marinho, Wemerson Davi de Miranda, Brisa Gomes Cangussú, Laís Tonello, Eduardo Fernandes de Miranda

Page: 18-24
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Cassava Stem Crop Parameters Effect on Cutting Energy

K. Prasanthkumar, M. Saravanakumar

Page: 25-30
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Quality Assessment of Bumble Bee Species Nectar in Western Maharashtra of India

Shital Patil, S. B. Sadale, Rahul C. Ranveer

Page: 31-37
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Farmers’ Attitude towards Production and Utilization of Biochar as Ecofriendly Practice

M. S. Rahman, M. R. Karim, J. K. Barman, M. M. Islam

Page: 38-46
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