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Chaos and Boundary Values Problems of Mathematical Models of Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems

G. T. Arazov, T. H. Aliyeva

Advances in Research, Page 230-234
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/15327

The boundary values of problem that are determined from observations play a decisive role in solving any problem in mathematical models of dynamic systems.
They lead to the search of answer to the following questions:
From observations, is it possible to find such boundary values, which could become the guarantor of the existence of smooth or chaotic solutions of the problem?
This paper presents estimates of variations calculated from numerous observations: border estimates of the variations of the gravitational constant of the solar system:



Border estimates of the variations of iovocentric coordinates of V satellite of Jupiter:




border estimates of the variations of drift motions of daily satellites’ major semi-axes for the points where they intersect with the equator, vary within:




border estimates of changes of daily satellites’ longitude vary within:




border estimates of the variations of the rotation period of the daily satellites vary within:




Ratings (I)-(V) obtained from the analysis of sums of infinitesimal perturbations of range less than or equal to the errors of observation.
When satisfying the boundary estimates (I) - (V) of Solar System, orbits of V satellite and daily satellites are stable. Once these conditions are violated, chaos creeps in the orbits of the Solar System, V satellites and daily satellites and the orbits become unstable.

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Career Counseling and Life Trajectories in France: Research and Perspectives for Single Parenthood

Marcel Lourel, Ofélia Petric-Tatu, Frédérique Gros, Caroline Closon, Liliane Rioux, Pascale Desrumaux, Virginie Prud'homme

Advances in Research, Page 265-268
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/16166

The work–family literature is abundant, and there are a considerable number of manuscripts in the field. The main goal of this note is to discuss the fact that certain social, affective and economic aspects can impacts a single woman’s life trajectory. We try to examine the psychosocial determinants of single parenthood within a dynamic of territorial anchoring in order to introduce a new perspective regarding single parents’ trajectories and career counseling. Our hypotheses is  We think that this social path takes root in a process of territorial anchoring which can exacerbate, or slow down, the emergence of certain health-related social vulnerability factors as well as their effects on the family unit itself. This note will focus on three aspects: the links between the social path and social/health vulnerability; to what extent this articulation activates or adds other factors of vulnerability such as precariousness, health problems, difficulty in work/non-work time management, lack of mobility; the psychosocial determinants of single parenthood and their fit within a dynamic of attachment to a neighborhood/municipality. The article also discusses the orientation for future paradigms in career counseling.


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Does Tourism Development Bring Positive Benefit to Indigenous Tribe? Case by Dongpu in Taiwan

Hui- Chuan Huang, Liu Chia-Hao, Hsiao- Ming Chang

Advances in Research, Page 235-246
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/15030

Indigenous tourism in Taiwan in recent years has become a favorite way to in-depth travel, but in this development process, whether it is for the tribe to bring positive benefits? In this study, Dongpu tribe as object located at Nantou County, Taiwan, qualitative research method for analysis. After analysis, this study has the following findings: From the research development of the Dongpu tribe hot spring resources, because the Government was used powerful development for Hans enterprises to enter directly, indigenous was unable to resist the Government, resulting in the tribal culture ceased to exist, to return to the previous tribal life environment has been very difficult. Highlight any tribal tourism development, require participation and programming of indigenous, and the Government's position should be on assistance and counseling role. Tribal tourism, however, is not always a negative impact, in terms of positive impact, but also infrastructure improvements in the area of Government pay more attention to indigenous rights. The findings in this study not only provide government with recommendations for the development of indigenous tourism, but also serve as references for relevant future research.


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Assessment of Particulate Air Quality in Ho Municipality, Ghana

B. B. K. Keteku, N. Bakobie, R. Adongo, A. B. Duwiejuah, S. Sovoe

Advances in Research, Page 247-254
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/16031

Aims: The study was to assess particulate air quality in some selected areas in the Ho municipality.

Study Design: Thirty (30) samples were collected from ten (10) different sites in the Ho municipality using Mini Vol air sampler.

Place and Duration of Study: Samples were collected from ten (10) different sites in the Ho municipality in the months of October, January and February, 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Methodology: Samples collected were taken to Ho Environmental Protection Agency’s laboratory for the analysis of the PM10 concentration levels.

Results: Most of the PM10 concentration values from the study were within the World Health Organization’s standard. However, some values which were higher than 50 µg/m3 and 70 µg/m3 for WHO and Ghana EPA guidelines respectively. Based on Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE) classification in Nepal, sample sites VRH and URB falls in “moderate” category (60 to 120 μg/m3), sample sites EPA, HP, HK, GH, SB and L falls in “unhealthy” category (121 µg/m3 to 350 μg/m3) and sample sites CC and CP fall in “hazardous” category (< 450 μg/m3) in the month of February.

Conclusion: The residents in some of the sampling sites could be at risk of the particulate air pollution.


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Effect of Sinusoidal Excitation on Fluid Flow across a Cu-Mica Micro-Channel

Sandeep Arya, Saleem Khan, Harneet Kour Khajuria, Sonakshi Sharma, Santoresh Kumari, Parveen Lehana

Advances in Research, Page 255-264
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/15197

Micro-fluidic devices integrated with on-chip control circuitry have been widely used in various biological and chemical synthesis applications. The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of gravity, temperature, pulse width modulation (PWM) and sinusoidal excitations on the flow of methanol, ethanol and chloroform through an indigenously fabricated Cu-Mica micro-channel for automatic identification of fluids. For PWM vibrations, chloroform takes comparatively lesser time to flow across the given micro-channel that verifies that the velocity of the fluids is not a monotonic function of the PWM frequency. For sinusoidal excitations, ethanol exhibits maximum velocity around the frequency 1.5 KHz. The minimum velocity is shown at 4.5 KHz. For methanol, maximum velocity observed is around 2.5 KHz and minimum at 3.5 KHz. Chloroform shows no visible effect of excitation in its flow velocity. As velocity profile for a given set of influencing factors is fluid dependent, micro-channel based sensors may be developed for automatic identification of liquids.


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Vibration and Temperature Decreasing Through the Material Damping and Tool Path Strategies Applied for Milling the Difficult-to-machine Materials

Zuzana Murčinková, Jaromír Murčinko

Advances in Research, Page 269-278
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/15944

The paper is contribution to research of vibration and temperature elimination in machining. It focused on milling the difficult-to-machine materials. The milling is characterized with complex vibrations regarding changing machining forces in milling and the difficult-to-machine materials have properties decreasing their machinability. The paper provides the results of experiments for measuring vibrations and temperature in different milling tool path strategies. Moreover, the results of measuring dynamic response of composite materials are presented. Finally, the paper proposes the techniques for vibration and temperature decreasing through the material damping and tool path strategy applied for milling the difficult-to-machine materials.


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Waste-to-Wealth Applications of Cassava–A Review Study of Industrial and Agricultural Applications

A. R. Adetunji, D. A. Isadare, K. J. Akinluwade, O. O. Adewoye

Advances in Research, Page 212-229
DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/15417

Cassava plant and its products have long been used as food and feed but lately as industrial ingredients. The present study unveils various agricultural and industrial applications of cassava especially the waste cyanogenic component which hitherto has constituted a huge agricultural waste. The study reviewed current engineering values which cassava cyanide has created in the industrial sector. Some very exciting ongoing research studies on engineering applications of the cassava cyanogenic glucoside are also highlighted.