Development Design of Current Career Guidance Service Model in Makassar Aviation Polytechnic

Kurniaty Atmia *

Department of Vocational and Engineering, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia.


Department of Vocational and Engineering, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia.


Department of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The important role of career guidance for cadets in preparing themselves to enter the world of work. The purpose of this study was to develop a career guidance service model at Makassar Aviation Polytechnic. This research uses the research and development (R & D) method with a quantitative descriptive approach. The research location was at Makassar Aviation Polytechnic, Campus II Salodong. The type of data used in this research is a combination of primary data and secondary data. A well-planned Counselling Programme will increase productivity and performance ratings, develop careers increase diversity. Career guidance to guide and direct cadets who are in the final semester is an absolute obligation of the Makassar Aviation Polytechnic to strengthen and support the role of career development institutions in preparing and planning career preparation for cadets. Career guidance is very influential on the maturity of career plans that determine future success. The results of research on the implementation of career guidance activities at Makassar Aviation Polytechnic are carried out in accordance with the desired targets, goals and objectives. It is hoped that this model can continue to be developed and applied in the university environment, especially on vocational campuses, to assist students in preparing for their careers in the future.

Keywords: Career guidance, development, counselling program

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Atmia , K., Purnamawati, & Ruslan. (2023). Development Design of Current Career Guidance Service Model in Makassar Aviation Polytechnic. Advances in Research, 24(6), 160–167.


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