Food Purchasing Pattern in Rural Family of Haryana State, India

Santosh Kumari *

Department of Resource Management & Consumer Science, CCSHAU, HISAR, India.


Department of Resource Management & Consumer Science, CCSHAU, HISAR, India.

Kiran Singh

Department of Resource Management & Consumer Science, CCSHAU, HISAR, India.

Veenu Sangwan

Department Food & Science, CCSHAU, HISAR, India.

Anju Choudhary

Govt College Hisar, CCSHAU, HISAR, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


India experienced a massive change in food consumption patterns. There has been a decline in cereal, especially coarse cereal intake whereas consumption of other food items (fruits, vegetables, meat products and milk products) has slightly increased particularly in rural Haryana. These changes vary across socio-economic groups, which have implications for intergroup inequalities. This paper attempts to show food consumption patterns across selected social and economic groups and identifies food consumption regions in India. This paper shows that the food purchasing pattern of farm families revealed that vegetables (other than leafy) were highly purchased food items, with an average quantity of 14.7 kg per month. Therefore, there is a need to make them aware of different consumer laws.

Keywords: Consumer behaviour, consumption, food pattern

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Kumari , S., Ekta, Singh , K., Sangwan , V., & Choudhary , A. (2023). Food Purchasing Pattern in Rural Family of Haryana State, India. Advances in Research, 24(6), 120–125.


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