Temporary Relining in Removable Prosthesis for Corrective and Conditioning Purposes: A Case Report

Jefferson Pires da Silva Júnior *

Nilton Lins University, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Isadora Bacelar Veloso

RC Institute/FAIPE, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Larissa Feitosa Galvão

RC Institute/FAIPE, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Pedro Paulo Lopes de Almeida

Nilton Lins University, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Thais de Souza Pereira

Nilton Lins University, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Cláudio do Carmo Gonçalves

RC Institute/FAIPE, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Sybilla Torres Dias

RC Institute/FAIPE, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

Joyce de Figueiredo Meira

RC Institute/FAIPE, Manaus-AM, Brazil.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Objective: To report a clinical case of tissue readjustment by provisional relining in an upper complete denture.

Presentation of Case: A 63-year-old male patient, melanoderma, asthmatic and type II diabetic, attended the dental clinic of a Higher Education Institution, complaining of pain when fitting the prosthesis. He reported that he had had a complete upper denture approximately 5 months ago. On clinical examination, hyperplastic lesions were noted in the anterior and middle portions at the bottom of the vestibule of the upper arch. The prosthesis, on the other hand, highlighted peripheral irregularities with a pointed aspect in the areas corresponding to the lesions. Given the conditions presented, it was urgently decided to remove the irregularities of the upper complete denture followed by provisional relining. After performing the technique, the patient was clinically followed up, after 30 days there was a decrease in the lesion.

Conclusion: The use of this technique in complete dentures as a provisional action aimed at conditioning the injured tissue and retaining the piece in the alveolar ridge was, therefore, satisfactory, meeting the main requirements for resolution of the case and suitability for subsequent continuity of definitive rehabilitation.

Keywords: Dental prosthesis design, denture liners, dental prosthesis, dental prosthesis repair

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Silva Júnior, Jefferson Pires da, Isadora Bacelar Veloso, Larissa Feitosa Galvão, Pedro Paulo Lopes de Almeida, Thais de Souza Pereira, Cláudio do Carmo Gonçalves, Sybilla Torres Dias, and Joyce de Figueiredo Meira. 2023. “Temporary Relining in Removable Prosthesis for Corrective and Conditioning Purposes: A Case Report”. Advances in Research 24 (6):78-83. https://doi.org/10.9734/air/2023/v24i6988.


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