Development of a Smart Air Quality Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensors

E. U. Oyo-Ita

Department of Computer Science, University of Cross River State, Nigeria.

U. J. Ekah *

Department of Physics, University of Cross River State, Nigeria.

P. Ana

Department of Computer Science, University of Cross River State, Nigeria.

I. O. Ewona

Department of Physics, University of Cross River State, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


With the fast-growing urbanization and increased industrialization around cities in Nigeria, the quality of the air we breathe has become a paramount concern. There is a need for an accurate, real-time air quality monitoring system to monitor and evaluate the air quality we inhale. This article presents the development of a Smart Air Quality Monitoring System (SAQMS) utilizing wireless sensor technology. The SAQMS was designed to provide a comprehensive and intelligent solution for monitoring air quality index, including but not limited to particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), temperature and humidity. Leveraging wireless sensor nodes and advanced IOT, the system offers real-time data collection and analysis, enabling immediate response to environmental changes. Key features of the SAQMS include a network of wireless sensors (MQ 135 and DHT11) strategically deployed across targeted areas, data transmission through secure communication protocols, cloud-based data storage and processing, and a user-friendly interface for data visualization and interpretation. As we confront the challenges of air pollution and its impact on human well-being, the development of the SAQMS presents a significant step towards informed decision-making and a more sustainable future as the experiment shows our developed system can detect air quality in parts per million (ppm), with other environmental factors such as temperature and relative humidity.

Keywords: Air quality, internet of things, MQ 135 sensor, DHT11 sensor

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Oyo-Ita , E. U., Ekah, U. J., Ana , P., & Ewona , I. O. (2023). Development of a Smart Air Quality Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensors. Advances in Research, 24(6), 50–59.


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