Hypothesis of Nomadic Wireless Apparatuses Generating Electromagnetic Waves that are Accelerating Global Warming

David Allen Dodson *

E Spread Limited, Bermuda.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The nomadic wireless apparatuses used by the global human population are generating an unrelenting, never-ending propulsion of electromagnetic waves that are escalating global warming temperatures. The unexpected, the unusual events occurring on the earth now are the rapid melting of ice shelves (the Antarctic), the extreme droughts (e.g., the drying up of rivers - the Rhine and dams - Hoover), the extreme summer heat (e.g., 40 Celsius in the United Kingdom), the floods (e.g., Las Vegas, France), and the behavior of land animals (e.g., monkeys) and sea life (e.g., sharks and whales). What artificial or natural variable should be investigated after known cited studies for the natural phenomena of firestorms and volcanoes, as well as the known inventions and processes such as agriculture, automobiles, and industrial factories? The electromagnetic wave, the conveyor of information originating from nomadic wireless apparatuses (e.g., cell phones, laptop computers is the seamless combination of manufactured inventions and the natural abundant energy of electromagnetic waves that are ignited by the information flow of nomadic wireless apparatuses that is quickening the rising global temperatures on the earth.

The phenomenon of nomadic wireless apparatuses generating electromagnetic waves is the most ignored global warming contributor considered today. The summing of nomadic wireless instruments’ digital carbon footprints (electricity) combined with electromagnetic waves (pulses sent back and forth between nomadic apparatuses) is a new class of global pollution. With respect to digital carbon footprints, engineers and others have quantified the estimated amount of energy required to ignite manufactured wireless electrical devices. These nomadic wireless manufactured devices are generating a tsunami of electromagnetic waves that are imperceptible, cloaked, and invisible to the human eye. What is occurring at this very moment is an avalanche of recursive electromagnetic waves, a nomadic wireless commotion that is occurring on an unparallel uninterrupted upward trend that is accelerating the dials of global warming prediction models.

The author focuses on electromagnetic waves, the messenger of nomadic wireless devices. The electromagnetic waves are the transporter of binary information of zeros and ones generated from nomadic wireless devices (e.g., smartphones). The first part of this paper identifies the past predictions and the fallout from known contributors to global warming. The attention is centered on the 1972 limits to growth predictions and their relevance and the necessity of a systems dynamics approach. The concept of exponential is introduced to convey the geometric upward trend of the implosion of information, zeros and ones being transported by electromagnetic waves. This is imperative as it defines the sheer magnitude of the rate of occurrence of not only the usage of the wireless instruments but the never-ending alphanumeric information being sent by electromagnetic waves into the ether. Next are the flow charts of temperatures from 1880 to 2022, and a simple algorithm that identifies cluster years applicable to each domain (i.e., natural phenomena, automobiles, and nomadic wireless instruments, the generator of electromagnetic waves). The method that follows identifies, defines, and contends that electromagnetic waves are another natural fuel source that must be managed as much as any other greenhouse gas recognized. The discussion of the paper centers on the how what, and where electromagnetic waves are part of the problem contributing to rising global temperatures. The conclusion of the paper deals with the necessity of recognizing the need to study the environmental impact of electromagnetic waves as contributors to global warming.

Keywords: Avalanche, exponential, electromagnetic, fractal, geometric, limits to growth, nomadic wireless apparatuses, recursive, systems dynamics, temperature

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Dodson, D. A. (2022). Hypothesis of Nomadic Wireless Apparatuses Generating Electromagnetic Waves that are Accelerating Global Warming. Advances in Research, 23(5), 27–43. https://doi.org/10.9734/air/2022/v23i530347


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