Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Sustainable Tourism Attraction at Batu Kapal Beach, Central Maluku Lilibooi Village

Kadek Wiweka *

Tourism Department, Sahid Polytechnic, Indonesia.

Titus Indrajaya

Respati University of Indonesia, Indonesia.

Suci Sandi Wachyuni

Hotel Department, Sahid Polytechnic, Indonesia.

Putu Pramania Adnyana

Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

Anastasia Enike Hanorsian

Tourism Department, Sahid Polytechnic, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Ambon Island is famous for its natural resources, especially in the Central Maluku Regency such as Hunimua Beach in Liang Village and Natsepa Beach in Suli Village which is famous for its white sand along the coast. Unlike the two beaches, there is a beach in the western part of Ambon Island, precisely in the village of Lilibooi, namely Batu Kapal Beach or Batu Lobang. This beach has the potential to be developed as a tourist attraction. But besides its huge potential, this place still has several obstacles or challenges as a tourist destination. This research was conducted with the aim of identifying opportunities and challenges for developing the tourist attraction of Batu Kapal Beach. This study adopts a descriptive qualitative research method by observing tourism potential and supporting elements of tourism products at Batu Kapal Beach. In addition, the researchers also conducted interviews with the management of Batu Kapal Beach, the local community and the Lilibooi Village Chief regarding their views on the existence of Batu Kapal Beach attractions. Distribution of questionnaires to tourists was also carried out by involving 100 respondents who were randomly selected. The data collected is then processed and analyzed using the SWOT method. The results of this study are that based on calculations from the EFAS and IFAS Matrix, Batu Kapal Beach is in the quadrant point of 0.18 and 0.65 to be precisely in the quadrant I position, which is an aggressive strategy. Where the Batu Kapal Beach can utilize strengths and opportunities to progress, grow and develop in a better direction. Such as cooperating with the government and involving local communities to assist in the process of managing and developing Batu Kapal Beach.

Keywords: Sustainable tourism attraction, development, Batu Kapal Beach

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Wiweka, Kadek, Titus Indrajaya, Suci Sandi Wachyuni, Putu Pramania Adnyana, and Anastasia Enike Hanorsian. 2019. “Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Sustainable Tourism Attraction at Batu Kapal Beach, Central Maluku Lilibooi Village”. Advances in Research 19 (3):1-14. https://doi.org/10.9734/air/2019/v19i330121.


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