Physical and Mechanical Properties of a Porous Material Obtained by Low Replacement of Volcanic Ash by Aluminum Beverage Cans

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Bernard Missota Priso Dickson
Claudine Mawe Noussi
Louise Ndongo Ebongue
Joseph Dika Manga


This study focuses on the evaluation of the physical and mechanical properties of a porous material based on a mixture of powder (Volcanic ash /Aluminum Beverage Cans) and a solution of phosphoric acid. Volcanic ash (VA) use was collected in one of the quarries of Mandjo (Cameroon coastal region), crushed, then characterized by XRF, DRX, FTIR and named MaJ. The various polymers obtained are called MaJ0, MaJ2.5, MaJ5, MaJ7.5 and MaJ10 according to the mass content of the additions of the powder from the aluminum beverage cans (ABCs). The physical and mechanical properties of the synthetic products were evaluated by determining the apparent porosity, bulk density, water absorption and compressive strength. The results of this study show that the partial replacement of the powder of VA by that of ABC leads to a reduction in the compressive strength (5.9 - 0.8 MPa) and bulk density (2.56 – 1.32 g/cm3) of the polymers obtained. On the other hand, apparent porosity, water absorption and pore formation within the polymers increases with addition of the powder from the beverage cans. All of these results allow us to agree that the ABCs powder can be used as a blowing agent during the synthesis of phosphate inorganic polymers.

Mechanical properties, porous material, volcanic ash, aluminum beverage cans, phosphoric acid

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Dickson, B. M. P., Noussi, C. M., Ebongue, L. N., & Manga, J. D. (2021). Physical and Mechanical Properties of a Porous Material Obtained by Low Replacement of Volcanic Ash by Aluminum Beverage Cans. Advances in Research, 22(1), 1-11.
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