Pandemic COVID -19 Stress and its Management to Households in Raipur City, India

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Saumya Mishra


Whole world is affected by Pandemic Covid-19 and it is very critical period for all of us. Due to Pandemic COVID-19, we all got fear and anxiety and result is STRESS, even we can say it is a Pandemic Stress. Impact of Stress in our body is very bad and our physical and mental condition imbalanced. So researcher finds in the paper, that Pandemic stress management in households of Raipur city (CG, India). The data was collected by online questionnaire method, from the 100 respondents of 20-65 year age group, surveyed from  Raipur city. The result found by the research that mostly respondents have job stress due to Pandemic covid-19 and affect of this pandemic stress, respondents got mood swings on family members in irritable condition of lockdown period whereas mostly respondents enjoyed lockdown early period as like holiday but increased period of lockdown respondents caused stress due to no movement while and grocery related problem. Respondents got serious effect on mental and physical problem specially due to pandemic. Respondents got fear of covid virus and Headache. Respondents control their stress by spending time with family and respondents learn new things in lockdown period to get rid of from stress. Over all, we found that due to pandemic, respondents got stress by job and they also got some physical and mental problems, but most of the respondents tried to overcome their stress by spending time with family, meditation and learn new things.

Stress, COVID-19, pandemic, stress management.

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Mishra, S. (2020). Pandemic COVID -19 Stress and its Management to Households in Raipur City, India. Advances in Research, 21(12), 23-30.
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