Profile Characteristics of the Dairy Women SHG Members under “Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRP)” in Karnataka

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B. Bhanu Prakash
Ritu Chakravarty
K. V. Manjunath


The present study assessed the profile characteristics of dairy women SHG members in Kolar and Bengaluru rural districts of Karnataka during 2017–18 using “ex-post facto” research design. A sample of 120 respondents was selected and data was collected from the respondents by personal interview method using a pre-tested structured interview schedule. Results revealed that under Socio-personal profile of the women SHG members, majority of respondents were young having small family size, secondary level of education high level of experience in SHG, more than half not attending any training and most of the respondents following Dairy + Agriculture & allied activities as their occupation. Under Socio-economic profile, majority were small farmers, having small herd size, medium level of milk production, selling milk to dairy cooperatives, having low level of annual income followed by household milk consumption and milk marketing. Under formal sources of communication and information seeking for the women SHG members, majority had accessed information from Veterinary doctor, Extension personnel, KMF officials and SKDRDP officials. Under Informal sources of communication, most of women regularly consulted family members as their main informal sources of communication followed by relatives and friends and neighbours. Finally under mass media sources of communication, most of the respondents regularly accessed television, exhibitions, farm magazine and social media.

Dairy, women farmers, SHG, communication.

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Prakash, B. B., Chakravarty, R., & Manjunath, K. V. (2020). Profile Characteristics of the Dairy Women SHG Members under “Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRP)” in Karnataka. Advances in Research, 21(10), 91-98.
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