Potential Review on Palmyra (Borassus flabellifer L.)

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T. R. Sridevi Krishnaveni
R. Arunachalam
M. Chandrakumar
G. Parthasarathi
R. Nisha


The state tree of Tamil Nadu, Borassus flabellifer L. is a nature’s gift to the mankind. It is plant that serves various ecological, medicinal, economical and sociological benefits to the society. It a plant of heaven that could sustain adverse climatic conditions and withstand natural calamities. It is one among the most beneficial species that has economical and medicinal value for each and every part. It found widely in tropical and arid countries ranging from India through South-East Asia to New Guinea. The plant has a very close connection with the rural livelihood and cottage and agro based industries of Indian economy. The utility of the plant could be widely classified into Non-edible, edible and value addition based uses. This paper attempts to give a birds eye view about palmyra’s distribution, nutritional and medicinal properties, different utility forms and the impact on rural livelihood.

Palmyra, Tamil Nadu, area and production, Utility of Palmyra, impact on livelihood and rural development, value-addition, medicinal and nutritive value.

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Krishnaveni, T. R. S., Arunachalam, R., Chandrakumar, M., Parthasarathi, G., & Nisha, R. (2020). Potential Review on Palmyra (Borassus flabellifer L.). Advances in Research, 21(9), 29-40. https://doi.org/10.9734/air/2020/v21i930229
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