Studying the Effect of Urban Furniture on Urban Safety

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Sahar Ojani


Lack of attention to efficiency in the space and its qualitative elements has led to side effects such as lack of environmental visual qualities, disorder and also of space efficiencies. These matters affect the safety and security of urban spaces. To maintain the effectiveness of urban spaces, it should be logical to have compatibility among the qualitative elements and the social and cultural specifications of the citizens from the physical and psychological aspects. At other side, the inefficiency of urban furniture emptied them from their aesthetic values and so-called modern equipment including more welfare facilities for the citizens according to their ontological philosophy and creates favourite urban spaces. However, they have been converted into inefficient and polluting elements in urban spaces. But with the proposed urban furniture designing, efficient urban spaces and identity presentation elements can be created.

Urban space, efficient space, urban furniture, identity.

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Ojani, S. (2019). Studying the Effect of Urban Furniture on Urban Safety. Advances in Research, 19(5), 1-9.
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