Characterization of Polyclinic Psychiatry Patients in the Municipality of Gurupi-TO

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Thaís de Souza Rosa
Raissa Carvalho Marinho
Wemerson Davi de Miranda
Brisa Gomes Cangussú
Laís Tonello
Eduardo Fernandes de Miranda


Introduction: Mental disorders are changes in psychological, mental or cognitive functioning, in which there is impairment, or suffering that impairs life habits, family, social interaction, among others.

Objective: To trace the epidemiological profile of psychiatry patients of Gurupi polyclinic -TO. Materials and Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach, performed from the analysis of 104 medical records of patients in the psychiatric specialty attended at Gurupi-TO polyclinic. Data were collected on gender, age, the city of origin, the profession, marital status and medical diagnosis. The data were analyzed from descriptive statistics, in absolute and relative values.

Results: It was observed that people aged 6 to 84 years were observed, most of them female (63.5%). In addition, it is noticed that polyclinic users are mostly single (70%), residents of Gurupi city (84%). Regarding the profession, a high percentage of medical records do not contain these responses (58%), of the others are mostly from home (15%). The most prevalent disorders are bipolar affective disorder (34.2%) and depression (27.9%).

Conclusion: It is possible to realize that psychiatric disorders are predominantly affecting female patients, aged between 30 and 49 years, single, as a profession of "home", with fixed residence in the city of Gurupi and diagnosed predominantly with mental pathologies related to bipolar affective disorder and depression.

Epidemiology, medical records, community psychiatry.

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Rosa, T. de S., Marinho, R. C., Miranda, W. D. de, Cangussú, B. G., Tonello, L., & Miranda, E. F. de. (2020). Characterization of Polyclinic Psychiatry Patients in the Municipality of Gurupi-TO. Advances in Research, 21(2), 18-24.
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