Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Motor Using Modified Queen Bee Evolution Based Genetic Algorithm Tuned PI Controller under Different Speed Conditions

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Ankit Rawat
Mohd Fazle Azeem


The modeling of BLDC motor and performance analysis under diverse operating speed settings has been presented in this paper. BLDC motors gaining more & more attention from different Industrial and domestic appliance manufacturers due to its compact size, high efficiency and robust structure. Voluminous research and developments in the domains of material science and power electronics led to substantial increase in applications of BLDC motor to electric drives. This paper deals with the modeling of BLDC motor drive system along with a comparative study of modified queens bee evolution based GA tuned & manually tuned control schemes using MATLAB /SIMULINK. In order to evaluate the performance of proposed drive, simulation is carried out at different Mechanical load & speed conditions. Test outcomes thus achieved show that the model performance is satisfactory.

Brushless DC motor, genetic algorithm, back electromotive force, permanent magnet synchronous motor, proportional integral.

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Rawat, A., & Azeem, M. F. (2020). Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Motor Using Modified Queen Bee Evolution Based Genetic Algorithm Tuned PI Controller under Different Speed Conditions. Advances in Research, 21(2), 1-10.
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