Analysis of Climate Change Perception on Poultry Production in Imo State, Nigeria

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M. N. Osuji


This study aims at analyzing climate change perception of poultry production in Imo State, Nigeria. Data used for the study were obtained using a structured questionnaire from eighty-four (84) respondents who were randomly selected from twelve villages in the study area. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, multiple regression models and Likert scale. Findings revealed that the mean age of the respondents was 45 years, mean household size was 6 persons, 60% were male, mean years of experience was 9.1years, majority of them attended tertiary education. The multiple regression analysis showed that ambient temperature, humidity, rainfall distribution, mortality and feed unavailability were statistically significant at 10% level of probability and were the key determinants of the effect of climate change. The coefficient of multiple determination R2 was 0.725544 which implies that 72.55% variation in poultry output was accounted for by the regressors variables while the remaining 27.5% was due to random disturbance. From the distribution of poultry farmers according to the perception of climate change, the result showed that 89% and 74% of the poultry farmers were aware that climate change has an effect on egg and meat production, and also feed grain availability respectively. About 90% of them were aware that high sunshine harms egg production, also, 74% and 71% of them were aware that high temperature and low rainfall leads to low egg quality. The study, therefore, recommended that relevant and up-to-date information on climate change should be made available to poultry farmers.

Climate change, perception, awareness, determinants, poultry production

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Osuji, M. N. (2019). Analysis of Climate Change Perception on Poultry Production in Imo State, Nigeria. Advances in Research, 19(6), 1-8.
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