Graphical User Authentication System Resistant to Shoulder Surfing Attack

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Oluwaseyifunmitan Osunade
Iyanuoluwa A. Oloyede
Titilayo O. Azeez


User authentication is one of the most significant issues in the field of Information Security. The most common and convenient authentication method used is the alphanumeric password  which has significant drawbacks. To overcome the vulnerabilities of traditional methods, graphical password schemes have been developed as possible alternative solutions to text-based scheme. A potential drawback of graphical password schemes is that they are more vulnerable to shoulder surfing than conventional alphanumeric text passwords due to their visual interface. To overcome the shortcoming of existing graphical password schemes this project focuses on developing a graphical authentication system that is resistant to shoulder surfing attack.

Graphical password, shoulder surfing, password space, password entropy.

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Osunade, O., Oloyede, I., & Azeez, T. (2019). Graphical User Authentication System Resistant to Shoulder Surfing Attack. Advances in Research, 19(4), 1-8.
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