Development of a Laboratory Metallographic Grinding/Polishing Machine

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Oyetunji Akinlabi
Barnabas Abel
Obolo Olupitan Emmanuel


This study centered on the development of a laboratory metallographic grinding/polishing machine using locally sourced materials and indigenous technology to help in polishing metals for production of a flat, smooth and mirror-like surface of any metallic materials to determine their physical structure using microscopy for metallographic examinations. The designed was made, and 3-dimensional architectural design was done to obtain a clear vision of the design. The laboratory grinding/polishing machine was fabricated using the following components: Angle-bars, mild steel plate, electric motor, shaft, belt, pulley, coupling, side pulley disc; following the specified dimensions from the 3-dimensional drawing; assembling of the various components follows; and finally, tested and performance evaluation was equally done. In testing the developed machine, the specimen was mounted, ground and then polished using emery paper with frequent application of water to act as a coolant while the side pulley disc is rotating. The result obtained from the developed laboratory grinding/polishing machine showed a metallic specimen that was well ground and well-polished to mirror-like form for further metallographic examination. Based on the efficiency of this developed machine, we, therefore, recommend this research work for the end users and the metallography industry for the metallographic purpose.

Development, laboratory, metallographic, grinding/polishing, evaluation, machine

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Akinlabi, O., Abel, B., & Emmanuel, O. (2019). Development of a Laboratory Metallographic Grinding/Polishing Machine. Advances in Research, 17(6), 1-13.
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